We thank Allah SWT for His Mercy and Blessings in granting The Islamic Council of New England a successful year of support and outreach in the Muslim community. The Council’s success began with overwhelming participation at its December 2 2017 Annual Banquet where the keynote speaker was the incomparable Imam Siraj Wahaj who addressed the vital theme of the day,” Our Youth the Future of America”. Focusing on the youth Imam Siraj Wahhaj had the audience in a trance as he shared his own personal experiences with his siblings and giving advice to the attending parents, “be a friend to your children do not cut off communication with themFittingly the youth participation reflected the talent our youth demonstrated that evening as they took our adult audience to their level of communication. An award for academic achievements was presented to our young scholars. Suggestions were made for more youth involvement and empowerment on committees.  The Council’s support of and assistance to other organization as CAIR, CMM, MCCT, HHRD and The Islamic Seminary Foundation keeps it well in reach in networking with these organizations for community involvement and Council recognition.

 Our Annual Ramadan Iftar Reception held at The Islamic Center of Boston, Wayland MA, June 6, 2018 opened the door for mutual understanding to our invited Christian and Jewish guests. Our hall was once again was full. The theme “Ramadan and the Purification of the Soul” had an impact on all of us as we were all striving to attain the blessings of the holy month of Ramadan. We were all touched by our keynote speaker Br Bilal Kaleem’s words of wisdom. 

After Ramadan our efforts continued to seek other avenues to establish programs and partnerships on June 30th and July 1, ICNE New England Leadership Group in partnership with Sound Vision established a Media Education Program. The program was held at two locations June 30th at Westborough MA, Helping Hand USA, NE office and The Islamic Association of Greater Hartford, Berlin Mosque CT both sites were well attended and professionally conducted program.  Our outreach efforts in Interfaith Alliances hosted a two-day Mid Atlantic Catholic Muslim Dialogue on October 2-3 at the Worcester Islamic Center (WIC) Worcester MAThe 2018 Mid-Atlantic Catholic Muslim Dialogue was sponsored by ICNE and Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD). The two-day dialogue was fully covered by the local media.

  The  Council achievement continued to grow as members of our Conference Committee began laying down ground work to establish the first of its kind Solidarity Conference on October 27th 2018 at Roxbury Community CollegeThe Theme of the Conference, ‘The Voices of Marginalized Americans and their Mainstream Allies’, was conceived by Abdul Cader Asmal, and embraced by the Committee with enthusiasm. The goal was to form a coalition of people who shared the common spirit of justice for all. To this end an outreach was made to multi-ethnic interfaith organizations to co-sponsor the event with the Council: these included the Boston Workmen’s Circle for Jewish culture and social justice, Latin X community center to support Immigrant Organizing, Black Community Information Center, Black Lives Matter, The Archdiocese of Boston, Native American and The Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries. The goal was to establish and develop a coalition. In this the Conference was a success with all the panelists being well informed and professional.
May Allah SWT continue to bless the Council and its members and increase their efforts in providing quality support programs for the Muslim community. Ameen . 
Yusuf Bramble President 

As the President pointed out in his opening remarks, the Council’s work is never-ending. The following two attachments submitted by the Editorial Committee remind us all about the problem of JUDGMENT how we are judged by the outside, and how we judge on the inside. The statement, A message from your Muslim neighbors, teaches us how to deal with those who do not understand us. From Darkness to Darkness is much more difficult but absolutely essential to implement in our lives as Muslims and that is how we judge one another. We must never forget,

“The judgment is only Allah’s; He relates the truth and He is the best of deciders”. [6:57];

“That is Allah’s judgment; He judges between you, and Allah Knows, Wise”. [60:10]

May Allah SWT guide us on the Straight Path, Ameen



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