Solidarity Justice

Solidarity Justice Committee
An-Ad Hoc Committee of the Islamic Council of New England

MISSION STATEMENT: Based on democratic principles and Islamic values the mission of this Committee is to ensure that all people are treated with equal justice regardless of race, color, creed ,religion,culture or gender, and that they are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

To achieve our objectives we plan to implement the following strategies:
1.To hold educational meetings and seminars, and workshops to identify the causes of the injustices – whether social economic or political.
2.To hold similar events to offer solutions to the problems of injustice.
3. To participate in demonstrations, vigils and protest marches that highlight the injustice in society
4.To contact our government representatives at all levels to convey our concern about the inequities
5 To collaborate with other organizations that have the same objectives.

To be proactive in shaping the future of our community
By learning from the experience of those who have been exposed to critical confrontations and how they have dealt with them, before they become issues in our community
By encouraging intra-faith and interfaith dialogue on a consistent basis.

Summary of Tactics
Collaboration with like-minded organizations
Contact with relevant government and law enforcement agencies

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