Committees 2024:

  1. Civil Rights and Interfaith Committee 

o Hussein Dayib CHAIR (Civil rights)  

o Naim Assil CHAIR (Interfaith)  

o Shaheen Akhtar Co CHAIR (Interfaith) 

o Badawi Dweik 

o Martin Bentz 

o Syed Asif Razvi 

  1. Communication and Outreach Committee 

o Martin Bentz CHAIR

o Zahir Adil 

o Naim Assil 

o May Khudairi 

o Imran Nawaz

  1. Education Committee (includes Scholarships)

o Badawi Dweik CHAIR  

o Mohammad Saleem Bajwa 

  1. Finance Committee 

o Mohammad Saleem Bajwa CHAIR  

o Badawi Dweik 

o Naim Assil 

  1. Humanitarian Relief and Social Services Committees 

o Malika MacDonald CHAIR  

  1. Membership Committee 

o Dris Djermoun CHAIR  

o Humayun Kabeer 

  1. Religious Affairs Advisory Committee 

o Abdullah Faaruuq CHAIR  

o Humayun Kabeer  

  1. Youth Committee 

o Fatai Ilupeju CHAIR 

  1. Nomination Committee 

o Yaser Najjar CHAIR  

o Shuja Saleem 

o Abdessamad Qesmi 

  1. Banquet / Fundraising 

o Imran Nawaz CHAIR  

o Mohammad Saleem Bajwa  

  1. By-Laws Committee 

o Hussein Dayib CHAIR  

o Yusuf Bramble 

o Naim Assil 

  1. Solidarity Justice Committee 

o Yusuf Bramble CHAIR  

o Imam Talib Mahdee

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