Vision & Mission

Islamic Council of New England


The Islamic Council of New England endeavors to serve as an umbrella

organization of the Islamic Centers and organizations in New England by

facilitating communication, coordination, and collaboration among these entities,

and fostering consensus for a unified Muslim voice in the region.



Pursuant to its vision, the Islamic Council of New England aspires to:

 Promote a spirit of unity and solidarity among Muslims based on Islamic


 Develop an agenda of priorities for the New England Muslim Community

 Consolidate resources of the constituents for their effective use to achieve the

shared goals

 Coordinate the activities conducted by various Islamic Centers and


 Represent Muslims at all levels of the society to address issues whether

pertaining to regulatory agencies, law enforcement, social environment,

cultural diversity, or interfaith relations

 Disseminate authentic information about Islam and further its true teachings

and its global view of humanity

 Recognize and honor each constituent’s total autonomy over its organizational

goals, operations, and practices

 Liaise as a regional organization with national outfits pursuing similar goals

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