Culinary Sprouts


 Bakeology– We specialize in the science of making custom cakes that keep your taste buds coming for more. Custom, fresh, homemade, and delicious. in Massachusettes
 Konditor Meister for wedding cakes highly recommended by Muslim Community in Massachusettes
Silver Kisses Bake Shop specializes in gourmet cakes, cupcakes, and desserts. We have a keen eye for detail and enjoy working with both fondant and cream in Massachusetts.  Silver Kisses Bake Shop provides HALAL ceremonious and celebratory baked goods for Muslim holidays, weddings, milestones, and more.

Gluten-Free Options

Bean Counter Bakery highly recommended by Muslim Community in Massachusettes


Cafe Yafa Mediterranean Food   Located in Natick, MA


Five Pillars Butchery of Meat located in Maine

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