The Objective of the interfaith activities is to foster and promote social contact and cooperation among Muslims and the Islamic Societies and between Muslims and peoples of other faiths. Also To create avenues for combined charitable and humane efforts of Muslims and the Islamic Societies and between Muslims and those of other faiths.
The Purpose of all these efforts is to establish Interfaith Relations. The Council shall interact with other religions to foster a better understanding of Islam.
These are the main reasons that the Council committed to be involve in since it is founded.
Through the years, this committee established a good relations and understanding with many denominations of the Christian faith. An interfaith dialogue organized quarterly with Mass Council of Churches and Boston Archdiocese on quarterly bases. A theme agreed upon and prepared presentations by both Muslim and Christian for each dialogue.
These sessions helped creating mutual understanding between participants of both Religions and strengthened the bond among the faith communities.

o Naim Assil (CHAIR & Coordinator)
o Shaheen Akhtar (CO-CHAIR)
o Dr. Riaz Khan

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