COVID-19 Resources for the Muslim community.

COVID-19 Resources for the Muslim community.

COVID-19 is a new strain of the family called Corona viruses.
TOPICS: Religious/Health (CDC)/Cleaning/Screening/Jenazah

*Religious Issues: Fiqh Council of North America resource*

*Religious Issues: Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America resource*

*CDC Resources page* Excellent info, publications, infographics etc

What you need to know infographic:

What to do if sick infographic:

(URDU, ARABIC, BENGALI and many other languages)


*CDC suggested cleaning GUIDANCE & products*
Faith-based organization Cleaning Guidance *(A must read for cleaning after jamaah etc.)*

*EPA suggested cleaning products effective against Corona viruses*  

*GENERAL CLEANING if you dont wanna read it all :-)*
Use 70% Rubbing alcohol or disinfectants such as diluted bleach and other products.
Using 91% alcohol is not as effective as it kills the outside of the microbe but the inner part stays alive and may regenerate.
Clean areas of high touch, personal space, things that come from outside which were in contact with others
Carpets: Clean with a mild bleach solution. Using a deep cleaner will be good Im sure but dry out times will increase.
MILD BLEACH SOLUTION: 1/3 cup bleach in 1 gallon water

If you are hosting a student or someone who comes to you for help you still need to be careful. This is meant for a medical institution but the questions remain the same.
Please see infographic.
Q1) Do you have a cough, sore throat, runny nose or fever?
Yes – Give mask to put on
No – Go to Q3
Q2) Have you traveled outside the US, or had contact with someone who did during last 14 days and has been ill?
Yes – Send to hospital ER.
No – May have flu or common cold most probably rather than COVID-19
Q3) Any travel to China, Iran, Italy, Japan, and new high risk countries in last 14 days or had contact with someone who did?
Yes – Give mask to put on
No – Skip to END
Q4) Do you have nausea, vomiting or diarrhea?
Yes – Send to hospital ER.
No – Skip to END
END) Probably ok.

*JENAZAH guidelines if there is a death because of COVID-19:*
From Imam Asif Hirani of Worcester Islamic Center, Worcester, MA
Imam Hirani is also a frequent contributor to ICNA and AMJA

Question: how to do washing, shrouding and burying of deceased body of covid 19?

Answer: Washing, shrouding and burying someone after his/her death is  an obligation in Islam. And majority of the scholars say that a Muslim should give Ghusl and do the shrouding.

But if the body is infected with a deadly deceased virus so much so that higher authorities or any credible source such as a medical doctor says that there is potential harm in washing then remember the following steps:

1) If complete washing is not doable due to the risk,then just try to wash once by pouring water as this is obligatory, if there is still a risk that you will be harmed then just do tayammum. If tayammum is also not possible without risk, then skip the washing, as it is allowed in this case.

2) Same thing for shrouding, A Muslim should shroud in normal circumstances in a way prescribed in Islamic law but in this case, if the higher authorities or credible source like a Medical Doctor says that the infection can still potentially pose a harm,  then it’s okay to plastic wrap and seal that to keep the harm away (again this is ONLY allowed if shrouding isn’t possible without putting yourself in harm’s way)

3) For prayer of janazah: if there is a harm that the body can cause harm to the people of the masjid then just quickly bury the body after shrouding. Because we know in Islamic law that you can pray janazah in cemetery according to majority of scholars.  In the case for those whose janazah hasn’t been offered, the janaza prayer can be offered in the cemetery. Proof: Prophet did pray janazah for the woman who use to clean the masjid and she died. The Phrophet (s.a.w) prayed over her grave.

We ask Allah to protect us, our families and our communities. Ameen
1)    What measures can be taken to prevent spread of infection in the masjid while keeping to religious guidelines?
Hygiene: Its important to do the common sense ( hand washing, don’t touch surface, door knobs,
Information integrity: Too much incorrect information circulating whatsapp! GO to CDC website / official outlets
Can Juma be shortened? It can be as short as 3 mins, 1 min small supplication and 2 rakat if need be
Council of various masjids in Connecticut was contacted by Yale School of Public Health, asked to spread the word (although governor issued advisory no to hold gatherings with 250 people or more with exemption for religious gathering, its ill advised to hold JUma, the brother mentioned that member masjids have cancelled JUma
What makes this virus so dangerous is that there is no way to restrict transmission o the virus, carrier can infect through droplet, within 3 ft radius of a carrier, droplets are aerosolizedIt was mentioned from leadership of coalition of masjids in Florida, that they follow AMJA.
Dr Qureshi will advise Imam Asif who is also a member of AMJA to better understand the severity of the disease
Imam Asif did mention that AMJA is made of scholars, some of which are also doctors/experts in medicine field
Its suspected that there might already be reservoir of infected people in the community, pausing JUma would allow 2-week cycle for carriers to show symptoms, we can then see the extent of the infection
We don’t want our community to be source of infection
For sanitation we can use isopropyl alcohol, Clorox, must wear personal protective equipment i.e. gloves gown. should be high quality2)    How can Masjids work together to beef up preparedness / response to the pandemic?
This conference call is an example of ways masjids can work together; very good initiatives were shared that other masjids don’t have to reinvent the wheel
3) Should each masjid create a l its of elderly in the larger community, assign people to monitor them?
Andover masjid is already working on this. Have reached out to surrounding nursing homes. All 10 nursing homes are shut down, don’t allow visitors
Nursing homes are forbidding visitors, must be 18 must past screening questions must be caregiver
Perhaps we can develop/invent technology to remotely interact with the sick/elderly i.e. if they are feeling lonely/ call help line
4) Can masjids help the looming crisis of (international) college students that are being sent home?
We can reach out to international student center
Andover has already worked on this. Have reached out to Merrimack college, extremely receptive, response is overwhelming
From Clinical standpoint, it’s risky in case a student is carrier in incubation period, must ask screen before interacting/accepting student using questioning from CDC
5) What is the communication strategy in dealing internally and with the outside world?
We created a dedicated WhatsApp group for further coordination internally, Soundvision/NELG can provide workshops for PR readiness
6) If a Corona patient has passed away, how to conduct the Janaza
Washing shrouding is Wajib , however Imam was made aware that body is infectious even after death
If there is potential harm to the washer, its ok to skip ( can skip washing and shrouding)
we can still have , proper Janaza in cemetery

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