New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu said, “Donald Trump’s comments about Muslims are absolutely disgraceful. As Americans we must reject his poisonous rhetoric, which is reminiscent of David Duke’s racism.” The Advocate, 12/8/2015). If David Duke had made such flagrantly racist remarks he would have been denounced as a ‘White Supremacist’.

Trump’s claim that he had seen thousands of Muslims celebrating the fall of the Twin Towers should be taken up directly by the Attorney General as an unsubstantiated calumny against a people progressively marginalized after 9/11. His calculated call to demonize nearly a billion and a half peaceful Muslims for the barbaric actions of several thousand adherents of a demonic cult (Daesh) that pretends to represent them is an act of monumental hubris. Its transparent aim is to provoke a mindless over reaction by some of these same cultists, their sympathizers, or even by Muslims who bear no ill-will toward the US, but simply inflamed by Trump’s outrageous remarks. Such a predictable overreaction would serve to reinforce Trump’s justification in banning ‘Muslim barbarians’ from this country.

What better scapegoat today for Trump and his White Supremacist disciples than Muslims, as were the Jews during the rise of Hitler!

Abdul Cader Asmal

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