President’s Welcome Letter 2018

In The Name of Allah, The Gracious, The Merciful

President’s Welcome Letter

“And Whose Affairs Are Conducted by Mutual Consultation”

(Surah 42, Ayat 38).

“And Hold Fast All Together By The Rope Which Allah Stretches Out For You And Be Not Divided Among Yourselves.” (Surah 3, Ayat 103)

March 21, 2018

As Salaamu  Alaikum! My Respected Brothers and Sisters. I would first like to thank  Almighty ALLAH for allowing me undertake this great responsibility to serve as the Council’s President for 2018. The Council has been in existence for over thirty three years, through hard work and dedication from past presidents and directors of the Council we have managed to survive some of the toughest challenges in modern American Religious history. Since 9/11 to the Muslim ban I.C.N.E  has struggled to defend the rights of Muslim Americans to live in peace. I believe that ALLAH (S.W.T.) has blessed the intentions of the founders, preserved their wisdom and allowed the Council to be a model for present and future generations in supporting the needs of the Muslim communities in New England.

As we embark on a new cycle of political bias against Muslims and other minorities, we must never lose faith that the Islamic standard of living set by Allah (S.W.T.) must be maintained; and to invite to what is right and forbid what is wrong will remain our standard. We rely on Allah(S.W.T.)  for He is the best of planners.

I seek your support and prayers and ask that ALLAH (S.W.T.) continue to bless each and everyone of us and our families  so that we can continue to serve the Council with due diligence. Ameen

We are in the process of working on our infrastructure by implementing a few projects that will help to support the needs of our growing immigration crisis by developing a legal committee and In partnership with the Open Masjid Collaboration Group we’re preparing to feed the homeless at two sites in Boston during the month of Ramadan.

Due to a lack of resources to support existing and proposed new programs we have begun to implement a Strategic Planning Campaign to address major internal factors that are impacting the Council’s plans for current and future issues of concern i.e.: Human Resources Deficiency, Financial Support Enhancement, Marketing Tool Development, Transparency Improvement, Business Methodology Differentiation, Commitment and Accountability Deficit and Business Heritage Retaining.

I look forward to working together with present and future board of directors and committee chairs to promote the Councils Mission, Goals and Objectives for a successful future.

Sincerely, your brother in Islam,


Yusuf Abdul-Hakim(Bramble)   

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