Annual Conference 2017

Annual Conference 2017

Keynote Speaker Linda Sarsour

ICNE Islamic Conference of New England 2017

The Islamic Conference of New England is the flagship event sponsored by the Islamic Council of New England annually. The primary purpose of this function is to provide a platform for the assembly of Muslim families in the region and a forum for learning, interacting, and discussing the current issues of common interests in an academic environment. The event is hosted by the respective campus Muslim Students’ Association. The conference is open to public; however, it welcomes people of all faiths, denominations, and persuasions.  

The 32nd Islamic Conference of New England was held on October 7, 2017, on the fabulous campus of the Merrimack College, North Andover, Massachusetts. One of the striking features of this conference was that it was hosted by the Interfaith Alliance & Center for Jewish- Christian-Muslim Relations of the College under the guidance of Professor Joseph Kelley, the Director of the Center.

The timely and very relevant theme of the conference was: “Constructive Engagement in a

Turbulent Environment,” which brought into focus a rich mix of topics such as the Pursuit of

a Balanced Life, Countering Islamophobia, the Power behind Change, Interfaith Relations,

Transitioning Younger Generation, and the Islamic Principles and the Law of the Land. The

program concluded with a keynote address: “Joint Strategy of the Muslim Organizations to

Combat Extremism.”

Nationally known speakers from academia and from theological, medical, legal, and journalistic disciplines, as well as Civil Rights activists and people serving in the public sector engaged the audience in an intellectual discourse of various aspects of the theme. The scholarship of the speakers, who shared their views so eloquently and contributed to the theme, was well recognized. The presentations were insightful, timely and inspirational. In particular, their collective message of constructive engagement and reaching out to fellow citizens of a multi-faith diverse society, while standing up for justice and moral values, was resounding on a college campus. The Council is indeed indebted to the participants for enlightening the assembly with their perspectives on the respective issues.

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