This week has been an emotionally excruciating roller coaster period for the Muslim community. From the height of euphoria of seeing Muhammad Ali, a humanitarian, an American, and a Muslim being enthroned as a man of universal admiration, it has plummeted to the despair of witnessing a diabolical individual perpetrate an act of unspeakable evil during the holiest month of Ramadan. It is especially execrable as it has specifically targeted the LGBQT community.

Muslims, in solidarity with people of every denomination who will not tolerate such barbarity, condemn this vile act.

Our deepest condolences are extended to the families of the victims and our prayers to the survivors of this demonic attack. We specifically direct our grief to members of the LGBQT community who have been subjected to such selective pain and anguish.

As an integral component of this pluralistic country Muslims remain committed to the extermination of such hatred within our country and pledge our unconditional support to all those involved in securing our safety and security be it in law enforcement, government, civic, interfaith or multicultural forums.

May God Bless America and all its people and the diversity it promotes

Dris Djermoun President

Abdul Cader Asmal  Co-Chairman of Communications    7814447995

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