Syrian Humanitarian Aid

Syrian children refugees arrive into Qaa village, in northern Lebanon, March 4, 2012. Up to 2,000 refugees fleeing violence in Syria are crossing the border into northern Lebanon, according to a spokesman for the United Nations. REUTERS/Afif Diab   (LEBANON - Tags: CIVIL UNREST POLITICS SOCIETY IMMIGRATION)FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

As the brutal war in Syria shows no end in sight, the plight of the refugees continues to take a downward spiral, and now face imminent death from starvation and freezing.  Most recent statistics 1/13/2013, show that ‘Refugees registered with the United Nations have reached nearly 600,000, an increase of 100,000 during the past month. About 151,000 are in Turkey, 135,000 in Lebanon, 128,000 in Jordan and 69,000 in Iraq. The World Food Programme announced that one million out of 2.5 million needy Syrians living in the country are not receiving food aid because of the war.

Whatever the ultimate outcome of this tragic war the world should no longer delay the delivery of aid to the suffering refugees and trapped civilians.

How can we help the needy Syrians practically?

  • We must remember them in our supplications every day that God Almighty eases the burden of their suffering and provides comfort for those who have lost their most beloved.
  • We must remind our Imams at all our mosques  to remember them in their Friday sermons (khutbas)
  • We must collect funds in every masjid for the dedicated use of the refugees
  • We must hold regular fundraisers at each of our local Centers with a realistic expectation of sending a container of clean winter clothing, medications and blankets. The cost of sending a container filled with these essential items is about $4000.00.
  • We must inform our American society at large about the terrible humanitarian tragedy in Syria, and solicit their support. Americans are compassionate and generous. If they understand the HUMANITARIAN aspect of the calamity that is obscured by political ambiguities they will respond with characteristic magnanimity.
  • We must urge our government to  play a more active role in dealing with this humanitarian crisis

For too long have we remained silent to the helpless cries of the Syrian refugees facing death and devastation? We must break our silence and replace it with action. May God Almighty grant us the strength, the compassion and the generosity to follow through on our pledge?


For further information contact:

Abdul Cader Asmal,


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