Statement ICNE on GA attack

In the name of God the Merciful, the Most Compassionate


The members of the Islamic Council of New England (ICNE) react in horror at the latest mass murder, this time in Georgia, of innocent lives, primarily women of Asian descent, and express our deepest sympathy with the families of all those who have once more senselessly lost their lives and been harmed by violence.   In Islam all lives are sacred.  The Quran says, “If you take but one life unjustly, it is as if you have killed all humanity (5:32).”  We have been entrusted by God to preserve life, to cherish life and to offer protection to all those whose lives are at risk or in danger.  We are commanded to live together as brothers and sisters with the peoples of all nationalities, races, ethnicities and religions. 

We cannot sit by when any of our fellow human beings are the subjects of targeted hatred.   There is no room for hatred anywhere.  The Prophet Mohammed (saws) said whenever we see an injustice being done we should take physical action to stop it.  If we cannot physically stop it, we must use our voice to denounce it loudly.  We must pray with all our heart to God to give us the strength and guidance to correct this injustice.  Our prayers are important, but we must act and speak out against any form of hatred, especially against those who are vulnerable.  

Those who enflame hatred with anger and misinformation are truly misguided. Lies and disinformation dare create a reality different from God’s creation.  Yesterday, hatred tragically fueled divisiveness and anger against women in the Asian community.  Lies and disinformation, which have been the bedrock of the hatred and discrimination that persist today, will target a different minority tomorrow.  

We are not commanded to hate and harm the weak. We are enjoined to love all our neighbors as ourselves.   The Islamic Council of New England calls on all people of every faith and persuasion to condemn disinformation, divisiveness and hatred while, at the same time, finding ways to spread greater love, empathy and understanding.   We must sow widely the seeds of respect and care so we can be better representatives of God’s will on Earth and prevent another horrid, senseless loss of life.   

March 17, 2021

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