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Three years into the conflict, the humanitarian crisis in Syria has escalated out of control: 7 million Syrians have been turned into refugees, 120,000 have been killed, of which more than 10,000 have been children. The survivors live in absolute fear of their lives with no shelter, no food or water under icy conditions…. And there seems to be no end in sight

In keeping with the depredation of the millions of Syrians both within their country and as refugees in neighboring ones, The New England Syrian American community submits an urgent appeal to all peoples of goodwill to end the carnage and alleviate the suffering. To this end it has planned a ‘FOUR DAY SOLIDARITY WITH SYRIA EVENT’:

DAY 1 May 8 : A day of Fasting

DAY 2 May 9 : A day of Prayer

DAY 3 May 10: A day of Learning & Charitable Giving

Day 4 May 11: A day of Silent Vigil ( A Mother’s Day reflection on the so many orphaned)




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